The following principles inform everything we do, especially the founding of Bowersock Capital Partners in 2020:

  • We serve as fiduciaries, working entirely and solely in our clients’ best interest, without distraction, compromising incentives, or conflicts of interest.
  • We work our hearts out every day for our clients and our clients only -- not for the shareholders and administrators of a publicly traded company.
  • We solve problems for our clients creatively, applying our considerable knowledge and experience to achieve results.
  • We are committed to offering our clients unfettered access to the best public and private investments, as suitable and appropriate for each individual or family.
  • We design our portfolios for each individual client, carefully considering tax efficiency, tolerance for risk, long-term goals, and unique circumstances.


At its core, financial planning is about preparation.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of developing and following a thoughtfully constructed long-term plan. A successful plan must identify potential risks to a person’s financial wellbeing and, to the extent possible, address them in advance. Every successful plan relies at its core on a well-diversified portfolio designed to weather any conceivable circumstance. Most importantly, a successful financial plan requires not only financial but also psychological preparation – both we and our clients must jointly accept that risk is impossible to eliminate entirely. A successful outcome depends on a mutual understanding of what risks we are taking and why.

The diligence and thoroughness that we commit to each individual client sets us apart from the typical financial advisory group. We take immense pride not only in the quality of our services, but also in the sheer breadth and quantity of work that we do for each individual or family.


Our team embraces working hard, and we love what we do.

When we confront unexpected obstacles, we find a way around them -- we do not take no for an answer. A successful financial plan requires discipline and patience as well as persistence. We care deeply about our clients and we devote our time and our talents to help ensure their enduring success.


We view our clients as our partners.

We work together to address their financial challenges in a manner that best reflects their values, as well as our own. Equally important is our relationship with our clients’ other advisors, and particularly their tax and legal advisors. The planning process works most effectively when key advisors who thoroughly understand a particular client’s financial situation work cooperatively to ensure that multiple dimensions are considered when developing and implementing a long-term plan.


We help our clients become more financially composed.

By addressing financial opportunities in a disciplined, objective, and thoughtful manner, we help our clients become more financially composed. Our approach allows us to dramatically simplify our clients’ lives, enabling them to control their financial future with equanimity.