We view capital, or wealth, in four dimensions.

Understanding and nurturing each of these dimensions is critical to preserving family wealth not just for a single human lifetime, but for future generations.

Intellectual Capital

The collective life experiences of an individual or family – their combined heritage, education, knowledge, abilities, and talents.

Social Capital

The network of relationships that anchors an individual or family to their community. An individual or family’s sense of purpose -- their collective commitment to the world at large.

Human Capital

The ethical standards, values, and character that inform a family or individual’s actions.

Financial Capital

The liquid and illiquid assets that provide financial security and allow an individual or family to protect and advance their interests.

Our services are wide ranging. We develop integrated solutions that include:

  • Financial and Retirement Planning
  • Professional Portfolio and Asset Management
  • Tax Management, in collaboration with an accountant
  • Cash flow Analysis and Management
  • Estate Planning Strategies, in collaboration with an attorney
  • Risk Management, including life insurance
  • Liability Management
  • Philanthropic Services

Our goal for each individual client is to outline a plan for implementing the relevant solutions within the first 18 months of beginning our relationship. At the outset, we mutually adopt a schedule for addressing the essential components of an integrated financial plan. Ultimately, our goal is twofold: first, to ensure that within a well-defined period of time, we have identifying the potential risks to each person’s financial well-being and taken steps to mitigate those risks. And second, to rigorously assess the key opportunities for growth, and outline a strategy for capitalizing on these opportunities.

Sanctuary Wealth

We are a partner firm of Sanctuary Wealth.

Sanctuary Wealth is a wealth management platform which enables us to provide a wide range of wealth management services. Sanctuary offers access to an extensive array of public and private investments and allows us to provide objective advice in the best interest of our clients.

Sanctuary’s technology, innovative approach, organization and commitment to its partner firms distinguishes it from standard business-as-usual in the wealth management industry.